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Table Saws For Sale

Table saws are a useful woodworking tool.  It is much easier to get a nice clean cut with a table saw than it is with a hand held circular saw.  When ripping a board to a certain width, woodworking table saws are easy to use.  Radial arm saws cut from the top, while table saws cut from the bottom up.  Table saws have an adjustable guide arm which helps guide the material evenly through the blade, providing a nice and even cut.  The most common size of a table saw is 10 inches, which indicates the size of the blade.  A common motor for a table saw is rated at 15 amps.  A common rip capacity (width of board cut you can make) is about 12 inches.  You can also buy cabinet table saws that have a rip capacity of up to 50 inches.  These table saws can have up to a 3 HP, 220 volt AC motor.  The blade on a table saw can be adjusted to a specified depth and can also be adjusted to a specific angle of cut for bevel applications.  Our site has a large variety of table saws for sale.

Portable Table Saw

A table saw can be built into a bench or, if you prefer, you can purchase a portable table saw.  Portable table saws can be purchased with a 10 inch blade, or you can buy a miniature table saw with as small as a 4 inch blade for smaller applications.  A portable table saw can be taken with you if you are working at a work site other than your woodworking shop.  Some portable table saws have built in wheels for transport.  There are also stationary stands or stands with rollers to easily move a portable table saw from one location to another.


Woodworking Table Saws

Depending on the manufacturer, and the quality of table, woodworking table saws can cost less than $100 for a miniature table saw, and well over $1,000 for a high end table saw like the Grizzly cabinet table saw with long rails.  A ten inch blade will normally give approximately 3 1/8 inch cut in thickness.  There are several types of table saw blades.  The number of teeth on a blade determined the type of blade.  A blade used to rip boards may have as few as 14 teeth.  A multipurpose blade has closer to 40 teeth and a finish blade has between 50 and 140 teeth.  The quality of blade you purchase determines the life of the blade.  Carbide tipped blades last much longer than a regular blade, but are also more expensive.  It is normally worth the extra cost. 

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